December 2020 Newsletter

17 Dec 2020 2:51 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

With the year quickly drawing to a close, the Board of Directors would like to wish all members a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. While 2020 was a busy golf season we are looking forward to getting back to something of a more normal season in 2021. 

New Board of Directors

Bob McLean has concluded his term with the board. We would like to thank Bob McLean for his contributions to the Club and look forward to seeing him again out on the course.

A number of new directors were nominated to the Board at the Annual General Meeting held on October 27th. Welcome Brad Murphy, Aurel Beaudin, Debra Krantz, and Gord Jenkins.

Returning directors include Ron Christensen, Ron Osterkampf, Nancy Fraser and Derek Baker.

Board Appointments and Committees

President - Ron Christensen

Vice-President - Ron Osterkampf

Treasurer - Derek Baker

Secretary - Nancy Fraser

Membership Committee:

Ron Osterkampf (Chair)

Debra Krantz

Gord Jenkins

Tournament & Events Committee: 

Brad Murphy (Chair)

Debra Krantz

Aurel Beaudin

Ron Osterkampf

Contacting the Board and Committees

The Board may be contacted by email at

The Membership Committee can be contacted by email at

Tournaments and Events for the 2021 Season

The Events committee has started planning for the 2021 season. Event schedules and details will be published in February.

Report from the Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting was held on October 27th. Several changes to the Club’s Bylaws were approved by members in attendance. These changes bring our Bylaws into alignment with the Service Agreement between Kimberley Golf Club and Purcell Golf, and clarify membership classifications that will be available in future. Following is a summary of the changes.

1. Definition of Legacy and Non-Legacy Categories:

 “Legacy” members are defined as all members in good standing during the 2020 golf season, including those who requested and were granted as exemption due to medical reasons. Legacy members must remain Members in good standing on a year by year basis in order to retain this status. Legacy members will continue to be offered Legacy (“Original”) membership rates that are subject to limited annual increases as defined in the Service Agreement between Kimberley Golf Club and Purcell International Education Inc.

“Non-Legacy” members are all other members of the Kimberley Golf Club, including: 

Members who purchased memberships for the 2021 season and subsequent seasons; 

Legacy members who fail to maintain their Membership in Good Standing status for any future season; 

Non-Legacy members will be offered rates as negotiated annually between Purcell Golf and the Kimberley Golf Club. These rates are not subject to the limited annual increase provisions that Legacy members enjoy.

2 Changes to Membership Classes offered to Legacy and Non-Legacy Members:

Membership classes offered within the Legacy category:

  • Adult

  • Super Senior

  • Spousal

  • Weekend Warrior

  • Associate

  • Honorary Lifetime Member

Membership classes offered within the Non-Legacy category:

  • Adult

  • Super Senior

  • Spousal

  • Associate

3. Weekend Warrior Membership is now Restricted

The Weekend Warrior membership will be retained indefinitely for the benefit of members who were enrolled in this class during the 2020 season. The Weekend Warrior will no longer be available to members of any other class or to new members. Rules regarding access to tee times for Weekend Warriors are posted on the website ( under Memberships.

Your Contact Details

Just a reminder that if any of your contact information has changed then please provide us with an update. You can update your profile on or email us at

Season's Greetings and we are looking forward to seeing everyone in the spring.

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