April Newsletter to Members

27 Mar 2021 1:40 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Welcome to Spring! We are all looking forward to the season. Early indications are that the course has wintered well and we anticipate a mid-April opening. Watch for emails over the next few weeks with further details.

The Events calendar has been updated with all planned events for the season. A few details remain to be finalized and we are waiting for further guidance from the Provincial Health Authority in case there are any restrictions that would affect our Events. We will update details once we receive this guidance. Click here to view the Events Calendar.

Ladies Day

We are back for the 2021 season starting on Tuesday May 4th!  

New games, weekly prizes and more fun coming your way. The annual fee is still to be determined. This fee goes into the prize pool for the season. The Ladies Day drop-in fee is $5.

Men’s Day 

Starts Wednesday May 5th. New this year is an Annual Registration fee of $20 payable at the start of the season. This fee goes into the prize pool for the season. The weekly Men’s Day entry fee will be $10 for players that have paid the registration fee, $15 for all others.

Boyd Haddad Team Update:

This year a Qualification fee of $10 will be charged to each member who wishes to be considered for selection to the Boyd/Haddad team.  The Qualification fee must be paid prior to the first event.

Team Selection Criteria

  • Club will be represented by 2 teams:
    • Boyd team will have 8 members based on low Gross scoring;
    • Haddad team will have 8 members based on low Net scoring;
  • All male members of KGC are eligible to qualify upon payment of one-time fee of $10 payable prior to the first qualifying event.
  • Location of the event is to be confirmed (probably Castlegar) on September 11 depending on COVID restrictions.
  • Qualifying Events:
    • Kimberley Open June 13 (2 Boyd and 2 Haddad);
    • Club Championships July 17/18 (4 Boyd and 4 Haddad);
    • Remaining selections will use best 2 of 3 18-hole scores from the following Men’s Days:
      • June 9;
      • July 7;
      • August 4.

Golf Canada Update – Handicap Changes

Golf Canada has converted to the new World Handicap System (WHS). While there are many changes behind the scenes, there are a couple of things that you need to be aware of when entering scores or using your handicap.

First, the Stroke Index on the scorecard (New scorecard) has been changed as a result of the course being re-rated under the new rules for the WHS. If you look at the attached scorecard you will see that from the White Tees hole number 1 which used to be rated as the 18th hole in terms of difficulty, but is now rated as the 13th most difficult hole.


The second change to note is the maximum score you can take on a hole for the purposes of determining your handicap. There is now a single rule in effect for all players regardless of your current handicap. The maximum score per hole is Net Double Bogey. Net Double Bogey is determined by the par for the hole, your handicap and the Stroke Index for the hole.

For example, if a player with a 10-handicap playing from the White Tees scores an 8 on hole #2 then the maximum score they record for handicap purposes is 7. Hole #2 is a par 4 and its Stroke Index is 5 so the player is entitled to a stroke on the hole. Net Double Bogey is calculated from Par (4) + double Bogey (2) + Strokes Allowed (1) = 7.

If that same player scores an 8 on hole # 1 then the maximum score, they can record for handicap purposes is 6. Hole #1 has a Stroke Index of 13, which is greater than the players handicap of 10, so the player is not entitled to a stroke on the hole. The score is determined as Par (4) + Double Bogey (2) + Strokes Allowed (0) for a 6. If your handicap is higher than 18, you will be entitled to multiple strokes per hole, relative to your handicap and the Stroke Index on each hole.

For more information, please visit Golf Canada Handicap Rules.

Board Members and Committees

 President - Ron Christensen

 Vice-President - Ron Osterkampf                                                       

Treasurer - Derek Baker                                                                                     

Secretary - Nancy Fraser                                                                                   

Membership Committee: Ron Osterkampf (Chair), Debra Krantz, Gord Jenkins                                   

Tournament & Events Committee: Brad Murphy (Chair), Debra Krantz, Aurel Beaudin, Ron Osterkampf

Contacting the Board and Committees

The Board can be contacted by email at directors@kimberleygolfclub.com.

The Membership Committee can be contacted at memberships@kimberleygolfclub.com.

Navigating to Various Websites

The KGC website (kimberleygolfclub.com) has links to other websites that you may commonly use. If you click on Links in the upper right-hand corner of the menu then you will be provided with links to Tee-On for booking your tee-times, Golf Canada for handicap and scoring, and the Purcell Golf and Purcell International Education websites.

If you are in the Purcell Golf website, you can return to the Kimberley Golf Club website by clicking on any of the highlighted references to Kimberley Golf Club.

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