Men's Day - Shootout Qualifiers from August

  • 1 Sep 2021
  • 7:00 PM

The Shootout for all Men's Day Qualifiers from the month of August is this Wednesday at 7:00pm on the 1st Tee.

Here are the names of all qualifiers and the date they qualified:

Aug 4:  Aug 11  Aug 18  Aug 25  
Andy Gray

Ron Osterkampf

Patrick Spensley

Grant Farquhar

Nigel Summerhayes

John McGillvray

Brad Murphy

Greg Thygesen

John Baxter

Jason Russell

Eric McKay

Dylan Thomson

Kevin Dereniwsky

Wayne Bell

Rick Kavanagh

Gerry Benoit

Murray MacLean

John McGillivray

Patrick Spensley

Chuck Sinclair

Joe Illes

Al Shaw

John Scanland

Kerry Murray


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